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Marie G

11/17/2023 We have always said we would tell you the truth here and we continue to stick by that. So with all the hype around this weekend and the upgrades I wanted to reiterate that we are not to the "RV" yet. We still have a ways to go, after all "gold has to be free" before we see the "RV". So what is the hype this weekend - ISO20022 comes fully online for SWIFT and multiple other banks and financial institutions. What this means - simply stated it brings all those finishing their upgrades under one standard used worldwide for financial messaging. The very fabric of the payment systems we have been learning so much about. Is this a big deal - absolutely. However, this is part of the completion of the digital revaluation that we have been seeing over the last few months. What happens now - once the ISO standards are implemented they will work together with legacy messaging to fulfill payments to those institutions that have upgraded. How does this change things - with all financial messaging coming under one standard it eliminates the cross border inefficiencies. This is part of the regulations that is NEEDED in order for us to move forward with the blessing we have all been waiting on. Please stay grounded, stay focused, and know that we are all in this together. We are here for you and will help answer any of those concerns you may have. Remember, we want the best for everyone, even those that don't care for us because that is what HUMANITARIANS do, we support and love one another. Have a great night and excellent weekend. See you all Monday morning.

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11/17/2023 "I agree, the “RV” is still a way off. Iraq is unique in the fact that they have several hurdles to cross before they are to the point of a revaluation. The biggest of the hurdles is reinstating their currency to open trading. I believe Iraq is the beginning of process of all things revaluing. They start a chain of events that leads us to the ultimate end goal “RV”. Could we see movement from them in the next few weeks, absolutely. They have a ton of irons in the fire and are on a mission. They have said that the ISO updates are important to their banking systems in bringing them in line with the rest of the world. So they are waiting patiently like us for the digital regulations and updates to finalize. But as I stressed earlier stay grounded and stay focused." Marie G Link

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