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"Freedom Fighter, Goldilocks, and Pamela, today I called the Wealth Manager at Chase Bank for the first time, where I will go when I exchange. I called Chase about a month ago, and one of the tellers there told me they are Basel 3 Compliant. When I called today, I was told that I needed to speak to one of the Private Investors first who work with the Wealth Manager. I explained to the Private Investor that I've been keeping an eye on the Vietnamese Dong and the Iraqi Dinar getting ready to revalue, and that I would like to exchange my currency with their bank. I also asked him if I could make an appt to meet with him in person because I wanted to see if the Trust I have would meet their approval. He asked me where I lived and after hearing I'm almost 1.5 hours away, he asked if I could email the Trust to him PDF. I said yes. He also said that people were setting up Trusts before and there were fees involved, and people were closing their accounts so now they are telling future clients to hold off on the Trust until the day to e change. I was very grateful for this information. He took my contact info and said once he got my email with my Trust, they would review it and let me know if it's approved or not. I did not go through a lawyer, but if it's not approved I will go through Bob Lock who is of course part of SOW. The only way I was able to do any of this is because of your great articles Goldilocks, your great breakdown Freedom of Goldilocks articles, all your great help, Pamela, and most especially for you, Salty, who started SOWT. I cannot thank all of you enough!!!! I am blessed to be able to come here and know that what I'm reading is the truth so I can make the correct decisions for my future. God bless all of you and all the mods who work behind the scenes!!!!!" C& L Mom

"I just want to say a couple of things. I have always listened to you all(Freedom Fighter, Goldilocks, Salty toes and the others in this group along with the gurus( I hate to admit) and I am so glad that I am one of the members that takes pride in soaking up the information to just this site and am now disconnecting myself from the hopium sites. It took long enough to realize that what I was listening to, first off, was getting me nowhere with the guru sites. I was learning so much here! Thank you for waking up this granny’s brain. ☹️❤️" Brunette Gran

It is not easy to ask for a hand up. It is not easy to ask everyone for donations either. If we don't try to help others who will? 

Thank you Community

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