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Seeds of Wisdom Team© YOUR Community

with a team of volunteers to support your growth in achieving generational growth and wealth for you and your family.
 Thank you to Our Community and Team

Planting Seeds for the future - Join us  

If your life ended right now, are you ready?

Texas Snake and the 7 Steps to Jesus

Texas Snake Never Give Up
Okie's Vision & Salty's Whispers leading to
Seeds of Wisdom Team©.
God tied them together even the Morton Salt girl and Logo. Logo Story
Proves God is in CONTROL, and this is his field. 

At Seeds of Wisdom, we believe that Jesus is the ultimate source of wisdom and knowledge. Our educational programs focus on providing a faith-based education, rooted in Christian values. We aim to help our students develop a deeper relationship with God, and to prepare them for a life of service and devotion. We believe that by learning from the life and teachings of Christ, our students will be better equipped to face the challenges of life. Contact us today to learn more about our philosophy and to discover our educational programs for your child.

God on the Throne....Prayer Changes Things
Thank you to everyone bringing these to life. Miss Priss as our director and producer with R Jax by her side. 

We all felt God with us and saw miracles happen during this as we all witness how God works

Enjoy and Never Give Up  
Why a coconut.jpg
—Pngtree—coconut seedlings illustration_5442457.png

Why a coconut?

"Yes… Bird Seed is a Biblical reference to scriptures “God feeds the birds” and “If you have faith the size of a mustard seed….” So, I’m all about seeds. 🤗" Bird Seed

Click on the coconuts on the website and let Coconut Logo Take You on a Learning Journey

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