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Trouble Joining Rooms?


Meet Rose, the bot, who keeps you safe and our rooms clean. She will greet you when you join a room. Rose will ask you to fill out the Captcha with our Standards Link to a Private room. Just fill in the info asked for and you are in!

If you don’t fill it out you will be asked until you do.


Trouble Finding Rooms?

Find ROOM LINKS by clicking the rooms tab. Then the click the room Avatars you wish to join. We have three ways to access them:

1. Find Rooms on the Website

2. Welcome Info Link


3. Rooms Directory


For More Seeds of Wisdom Info

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The Community    


                           This is a Privileged invitation to join a Community with PRIVATE rooms

including G-rated STANDARDS AND RULES with the intent to keep people educated

and aware of our ever-changing world. By joining you agree to adhere our STANDARDS AND RULES.
Thank you
. We care ❤️

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Click on Room Avatar for the link to the room.
How to join telegram is in the menu bar. ENJOY!


The Seeds of Wisdom Team Roots Helps others Grow! 

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Clicking on coconuts on the website takes you to new rooms