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 Our information not only provide knowledge but also practical skills that are essential for success in life. Join us now in building your brighter future.

We do not intend to open the website forum unless telegram goes down or see a need to use it. Testing the chat room we will set up a time for everyone to post to try  it out. Thank you

Forum Link

Fast Facts
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Twice the information and 2 types of calls.
The Calls are in one room where we could host more people another room Q & A. 

 Team call Link

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Team Calls ~ Topics are trust and planning.
1) Team Call Link with Texas Snake and Bob Lock ~Dates TBA
2) Team Chat Link for Q and A before calls.

We do not send DMs or sell Crypto

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Click on Room Avatar for the link to the room.
How to join telegram is in the menu bar. ENJOY!


  The Seeds of Wisdom Team Roots Helps others Grow! 

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Click the Titles then Download.
Look in your download files.
How to Download
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Click on the coconuts on the website and let Coconut Logo Take You on a Learning Journey

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