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Seeds of Wisdom Team 
Receiving a seed of wisdom is a precious gift. It is a tiny nugget of knowledge or insight with the potential to grow into something much larger and more meaningful. When I receive a seed of wisdom, I am grateful for the person who has shared it with me, and I vow to nurture it with care.

It has often been suggested by other planners/educators that some of your RV proceeds should be directed to “No-Load Money Market Mutual Funds”. 
There have been two posts recently in various Goldilocks’ rooms about Franklin-Templeton Funds’ Onchain Gov’t Money Market Fund (FOBXX). If you bothered to click the
link to research (planning now rather than later), you would find:
⁃ It was registered with the SEC in 2019 (not last week)
⁃ Its latest current yield is north of 4.5% (what’s your bank paying?)
⁃ It is part of the Stellar Network (QFS enabled already?)
⁃ Stellar Foundation just made a large deposit (perhaps they wish to participate too?)
⁃ You cannot buy it through regular Broker-Dealer channels (only through Franklin’s app)
⁃ Sadly, only available to US Residents
⁃ Minimum to open $20.
With a modicum of research, you can find Franklin and the Fund’s Prospectus, which you should also read to confirm all of the above, on the internet. 
If, as suggested by many, you are planning NOW, rather than after funding, you should have time to find things such as this, study their applicability to your situation, and get them setup, if you choose to participate, rather than running around like a headless chicken after funding to figure out what to do and in what order.
We are not providing Financial Advice, merely bringing to your attention what was already made available to you, if you will but click a few links and do some reading.
We can lead you to water… we cannot make you drink.

Click on the coconuts on the website and let Coconut Logo Take You on a Learning Journey

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