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Successful people prepare, unsuccessful compare

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The community on telegram and the website is for YOU.

Generational wealth is indeed the transfer of financial assets or other valuable possessions from one generation of a family to the next. This wealth can take various forms, including:

  • Tangible assets: This includes cash, investments, real estate, valuable collectibles, and ownership of businesses.

  • Intangible assets: This encompasses education, knowledge, skills, social networks, and access to opportunities.

  • Human capital: This refers to the inherent value of an individual's skills, talents, and potential for future earnings.

Generational wealth plays a significant role in perpetuating financial stability and opportunities across generations. It provides a foundation for individuals to pursue higher education, invest in their careers, and establish financial security for themselves and their families.

The transmission of generational wealth is not always straightforward. It requires careful planning and consideration to ensure that assets are transferred responsibly and sustainably. Estate planning, financial literacy, and open communication among family members are crucial for preserving and growing generational wealth.

While the concept of generational wealth is often associated with families of affluence, it is important to recognize that it can be cultivated through various strategies, even for those starting from modest means. Investing in education, developing skills, building a strong network, and establishing sound financial habits can all contribute to creating a legacy of wealth for future generations.

Helping YOU
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Seeds of Wisdom Team 
Receiving a seed of wisdom is a precious gift. It is a tiny nugget of knowledge or insight with the potential to grow into something much larger and more meaningful. When I receive a seed of wisdom, I am grateful for the person who has shared it with me, and I vow to nurture it with care.

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Rich Dan, Poor Dad
Be Empowered with Knowledage
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The Mindset Of Millionaires — How Their Views Can Lead To Financial Success Link

Bob Lock on SOWT Education
"Negotiation -
Never negotiate from a position of weakness or from a poverty mentality. Doing so is foolish and unwise and have fact-based information to support our positions." 
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Donald Trump said he wanted a "Level playing field" The ONLY way to do that is to have an international gold standard.

Texas Snake Planning 6/5/2023 Q and A Link

10 Questions for your planning link

Open multiple accounts up to the $250,000 limit FDIC insures. Link

 Personal Bankruptcy Protection and Household Debt Link

Why hasn't this happened? Link
Are YOU Paying Attention? Link
Two Types of Truth Link

Boy Who Called Wolf Link

Did Donald Trump Buy Dinar?  Link
How to vet  Link
Planning questions
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 Color Your New World Link

10 Questions for your planning link

Open multiple accounts up to the $250,000 limit FDIC insures. Link

History Information 

Okie explains the 13303Okie
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Bank high-yield savings and MMFs are pushing 5%, some over, right now. See Open an IntraFi account as described weeks ago and let your banker open as many accounts as necessary in as many banks as necessary (stopping each acct short of 250k) as is necessary.
Easy peasy, was the point rather than telling a broker, your Brand New Broker, that he has to open 100 250k accounts to protect your 25 mil, which aren’t protected anyway.
READ a MMF prospectus… says they are NOT guaranteed

Hoarding Copper Pennies - This is Fun Link © Goldilocks
Copper Pennies Link © Goldilocks

Texas Snake Info

" Salty first approached me to consider joining her SOW team to provide an educational website to assure people of unfounded wealth would have the opportunity to explore opportunities that they otherwise might not learn until it was to late.  That met with one of my paramount goals, how to prevent the Lottery Winners Syndrome.  I have posted numerous documents as well as pontificating on the importance of developing a personal financial plan based upon your personal goals and objectives as well as your risk reward status.  These have been provided free of charge.  I say all this as Salty is now being attacked as all these forms are for her to benefit financially.  This is the furthest thing from the truth as education to our members is her primary  goal as it is mine." Texas Snake

Texas Snake
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FAQ Questions


Big Cat Shared Info

This info was given out years ago and some links and a very clear message to do your own research.  Be prepared for whatever is what we are pointing out. 
We wait for the FACTS. 

(Salty's comments are in red.)


Questions about the four baskets: Will it be at once or other baskets? What is double dipping and is it legal?  Who can prove facts?  

Can ANYONE get proof on the points mentioned here? More and more questions come up that we cannot verify as a fact. We want everyone prepared in case things play out are differently than what we have been told.

Just for post [RV] brain stimulation:


At the Bank question:

What’s today's rate..... What is the CONTRACT RATE out there with an attached NDA? I desire the contract rate.

Kicker Link

Unknown till the event happens.

What is on the bank screen legal? True or false? The banks cannot legally offer anything but what is shown on the screen.

Our Understanding and we wait for facts.
An agreement was made for a "structured group" (General 64 is different also a.k.a. the Wells Fargo Group) to legally receive a higher rate. If you have signed up for the Seeds of Wisdom newsletter, you are a part of this group. You will receive emails from Wells Fargo when the RV happens. Currently, nobody has any further information. To learn more, visit our Private Group Room. Link 
FYI: Only lawyers set up SKRs.

FYI: It is illegal to resell currency if you do not have a license. 

Currency Exchange License Link

Can I barrow against my currency?
You can sell it back to the broker or bank, yet it is the same value on the screens. 
Zim we are doing more research. Unknow -please do the same. Be prepared.

*0 to 2% fee is the highest fee they can charge.

*You want me to leave my money at your Bank and pay you a 2% fee.

*Are you going to use my money to trade with SWIFT accounts?

*Are you going to use my money to make loans?

*Are you going to use my money to loan out over 10 times via fractional banking?

*And are you going to use my money to conduct a fractional banking business?

*That much you want for 15 minutes?

*Ok, we will do your 2% if you can guarantee me in writing a15% return on my money quarterly if I leave my money in your bank for 6 plus years. Because you are getting 2% and more by using my money daily.

*Your answer sir?


*I need 3 separate accounts and need all to be non-testing:

1. WAM (Walk Around Money) Acct ($250K/1 or 2 BANK CARDS

2. Big Ticket Account ($250K/Checking)

Remaining Balance Split:

3. Mother Load Account (25%)

4. Tax/Investment Account (75%)

5. No Bank Teller or Training on my account.

6. No investing my money without My Ok.

7. All solicitors go through you, not me.

8. I come to you for all of my banking, not the teller.
Researching more on Bank Perks 

9. Bank Perks: Heads up on Pending IPOs, Black Card (1), Concierge Services (Entertainment, Lodging & Travel, reward points, etc.)

10.  How does the Dodd-Frank Law affect your bank?

11.  Is your bank high in derivatives?

12.  How does Basel 3 or Basel 4 protect my money from a bail-in? Do you have that in writing?

13.  ****Keep adding your own thoughts....

My Two Nickels and Dime:

We are at a turning point folks, there is a global change (for good) happening as I type this that most are not as fortunate as you are to be aware of what’s going down. This planet and all of the inhabitants therein is responsible for its survival. We must get back to supporting and stabilizing the natural evolution of life for man and animals. Remember.... A thousand years for us equals a day to the Lord God (The Creator), no matter whether you believe or not.

Yep, you and I are no different... We are all slaves to this system. So, you don't know what you think you know. Let that marinate....Nuff said. I digress...

Disclaimer: I am not a financial professional of any sorts and I hold no licensing(s). Just to stimulate the mind, numbers are fictitious.... plug in your own numbers and add to it. Enjoy!


Also, these files are presented and shared for information/educational purposes only. The presenter of all content has no intention of steering said reader/viewer of this material in a particular direction. Said reader/viewer of this material should practice due diligence by doing their own fact checking/research. BigCat


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