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How Seeds of Wisdom Team was born Link

The Story of the Coconut Seed Logo

When Salty Toes set out to create the Seeds of Wisdom (SOW) Team website, it never occurred to her that the coconut would become such an integral part of the website and the focus of her logo. It wasn’t until after she struggled—unsuccessfully—to remove a coconut from the beach photo she wanted to use on her website, that Salty realized its significance. That night, she found out why the coconut would simply not go away. She awoke at 3:00 only to hear God’s voice telling her that the coconut was to represent SOW!


“Why the coconut?” Salty pondered. Not long after that, God whispered to Salty again. Along with God explaining how the coconut can be used to encourage us, He asked Salty to notice the similarity between the shape of the coconut and the human brain and its symbolism of education and learning. Which, of course, is what the Seeds of Wisdom Team is all about!


The coconut also has spiritual significance in many religions. For Christians, the coconut exemplifies the incarnation, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The coconut falls from the highest point on the tree, symbolizing Jesus' descent from God the Father. For Hindus, the structure of the coconut has meaning. The outer skin represents man’s physical body. The core represents the desires and attachments of man with the outer world. The shell represents a higher state of mind, and the flesh represents the Self. Their ritual of smashing the coconut is symbolic of annihilating the ego and humbling oneself before God. The Coconut Palm Tree is called the “Tree of Life,”—the tree from heaven which gives all that you desire.” Cochin Jews consider coconut water to be the purest forms of water and it was used to keep places holy. On the Sabbath, special vessels present in all Jewish homes in Cochin were lighted in the evening using coconut oil.


As you may have guessed, the Hand of God has been present for Salty and the Seeds of Wisdom Team right from the start—truly a much-blessed endeavor!


Please check out these videos featuring Okie to gain even more insight into SOW’s mission. Below, some of our members express the meaning of coconuts to them.

Thank you, Rhonda, for your version. Salty Toes

God is on the thone.jpg

Proof of God working in Salty's life. Connection to Okie

Thank you, R Jax and Miss Priss for doing this version Salty Toes


Salty Asked the Living Room

 "Why a Coconut?" and Here are Some Answers.

“There are many significant reasons a coconut is important. It is given in Hindu weddings for blessings, and it has three eyes which signified opening of the third eye.


"Another thought on a the inside that counts. That is where the goodness lies. It’s not the hard weathered shell. That is my personal thought of a coconut. Sort of like all of us. It’s not how we appear, it’s the sweetness inside.” Also, coconut is seen as a sign of abundance.”  — Tdsmom

“The purpose of the 3rd eye, to see through the eyes of what we can see. This is the eye of God."  — Sam Oliver 


“The sun can get sooo hot and scorch a coconut tree, but the coconut meat and juice will not be touched because of its hard shell.”  — Soly

When a Seeds unfolds it takes faith as small as a mustard seed. God Whispered to Salty and gave Okie a vision about Salty planting seeds.  Okie did a recording then after they spoke and realized its powerful message so Salty asked R Jax and Miss Priss to do make the video. 
Thank you for being this to life.


Salty Toes

Click on Okie's avatar to learn about the "Okie Connection."


“This video brought tears to my eyes. God always brings his children together.


A few weeks ago, I asked the Holy Spirit why do I have to be in this evil world? And the response was you are here to plant seeds. The next day I clicked on a telegram link, and it took me to the SOW website. I was blown away with what I saw. All the photos about planting seeds. Tears of happiness 😭

And I saw one of my favorite Bible scriptures posted. "If you have faith the size of a mustard grain you can move mountains".

I knew that I found a God loving family.  God bless you for everything that you and the team do. 🙏 ❤️”I

“Oh my goodness. Thank you for sharing with the team. I've been in tears 😭 whenever I feel that I have been led by the Holy Spirit and emotional because the way of this world is not what God wanted for us. I have been praying 🙏 for this evil to go away. I will continue to pray for healing, for Okie and all the people in this world that are sick. ❤️

Yes, sure you may share my experience on the website. Perhaps it will help someone understand the way God leads us to each other and to show us where he wants us to be, and he connects us, so we know that we are not alone." Ivy

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