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Breaking it down with Freedom Fighter and Pamela 

4 1 24 Did Iraq RVTruth Tellers
00:00 / 03:59
Freedom Fighter & PamelaTruth Tellers
00:00 / 1:24:52
What is QFS How will it replace traditional banking systemsTruth Tellers
00:00 / 07:49
Lowtide - ZimPamela and Lowtide
00:00 / 1:27:29
Gold - 1Sam Oliver
00:00 / 1:24:52
Sam Oliver on Gold 2Sam Oliver
00:00 / 02:14
Sam Oliver SilverSam Oliver
00:00 / 02:01
Sam Oliver update 4 17 24Sam Oliver
00:00 / 03:13

Sam Oliver - Gold

Start Here - Pamela

Lowtide - Zim 4 2024Pamela
00:00 / 1:27:29
What is Cryptocurrency and how does it workPamela
00:00 / 33:43
Stablecoins-Definition, how they work, and typesPamela
00:00 / 09:23
Analyst says XRP and XLM will melt facesPamela
00:00 / 04:12
Introduction to Big Dog and Pamela in Start HerePamela
00:00 / 29:11

The Republic with Jester, Mason and 
Elephant in the room

CitizenshipThe Republic
00:00 / 29:38
Sovereign vs CitizenThe Republic
00:00 / 29:18
Author Sam Oliver New Changes
00:00 / 01:04
02-15 -23 Planning room
2023-02-01 Planning Room
2023-01-25 Planning - Resource
2023-02-01 Planning Room
2023-02-01 Planning Room
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Color Your New World 

Rhonda's Interviews

Rhonda and Texas Snake
Bob Lock and Rhonda
FredSJr. and Rhonda
Rhonda and Bernie
Gipper's Reader2_20_23
Ziggy 2_16_2023
Click the Titles then Download.
Look in your download files.

Funny Page: Your Daily Laugh!

Snake on Infinite Banking
Snake on Value of Trusts
Snake on Okie and is the RV REAL
Texas Snake Explains Infinite Banking
Bob Lock Words of Wisdom
Snake on Seminars
Message from Salty on SOWT and Okie
Thanks for the Memories

 BeracahOne Posted 

Love our VIP Team here! People know them personally … Men/Women of character … have the heart to serve others! Doing it out of the goodness of their heart to see everyone grow personally and prosper versus trying to get a buck for their pocket!! Seeds of Wisdom was really built around servitude and helping others grow and become all they/we are meant to be!!! What you do will be given back to you multitudes! God’s principle of SOW and REAP! You put one seed in the ground and get a multitude of seeds back! How awesome to SOW seeds of our gifts, talents, and love to one another and we never know how it will be multiplied back to us but I’ve seen it usually at the times one most needs it ... in whatever form!! IT IS POWERFUL and SO IS HE THAT CREATED THE LAW!

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Recording links to click and enjoy. A true golden gift for generations from our Wisdom Leaders. They ask us to consider planting good seeds for future generations to grow and give others a hand up.

Thank you for their time and all they do for the community. We can all show our appreciation by giving back to others.   

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  The Seeds of Wisdom Team Roots Helps others Grow! 

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