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The VIP & Pro Team Goal has always been Education and helping others.

Their actions have shown their compassion for the community.

They inspire us and their education will change lives for generations.

Planting Good Seeds for the World to be a better place 

Start YOUR business program - is a combination of questions from their telegram rooms.

Doing a short recording to answer questions from each leader is a dollar donation to help the community.

Thank you, everyone, for making our community so special.  


Salty Toes 

Planting Seeds of Wisdom Is The Inspiration

That Keeps Generations Wanting to Learn

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I feel a tremendous need and desire to share what I did for close to 40 years, as this room has become almost like an extended family to me.

I do not want to see any of you fail in securing your financial future.

Texas Snake  

I am so grateful for SOW! I have learned so much from y’all. I have always been good with my meager earnings, but I was not knowledgeable at all about investments and wealth management. Y’all are the best!! MQ

As our world is changing so are many things we do not have the answers to such as different systems to tax changes.

The interviews are general ideas to help guide people.

Do your own research always.   

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