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"The videos Bob has on the Trusts in SOW are very good!!!! WELL WORTH the value!!! If you are concerned about not understanding Trusts, I strongly encourage you purchase these. Hope this helps 🙏"

Click the Titles then Download.
Look in your download files.

"The QFS.. Quantum Financial System is a system, NOT an account.  A secure ledger system that tracks and moves money from one account to another within seconds, not hours." Bob Lock Link

"Good morning to all! And welcome to all of the new community members.  You'll find a ton of free and low cost educational resources here and at the Seeds of Wisdom website.  You will also connect with some of the finest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  We are all here to help, so don't be bashful in your quest for knowledge!  Bless you all ❤️🙏"
Bob Lock

Trustee Handbook

Bob Lock on SOWT Education

8/10/2023 Listening to Bob Lock on MZ. 
I know, I know, don’t talk about other sources. 

But he’s praising SOW today, saying how awesome you all are. 

Be proud, team! 🤗Jay Rock2

A Moment of Wisdom with Bob 

"Long time members of this community have heard me preach this ad nauseum, but for those of you new to the community please hear me.  Prepare yourself now so that you are not walking into the redemption center in a stupor.  There is so much educational material available to you in these chat rooms and on SOW's website.  Besides preparing you for the appointments, it will also distract you from the misinformation that is spewing from the TV and internet, which is unhealthy. 

Most of the educational material is free to you and those materials that require a donation are still just $1 or $10 for a ton of information that can get your mind and affairs in the proper posture before you exchange/redeem.  Please understand that no donations go to me, so I am not seeking to enrich myself with this plea.

The materials have been donated by me to the Seeds of Wisdom team to help people who need it.  So please consider using this time to get ready so your mind is prepared when it happens."

Blockchair Audio
Trust Workwork
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Bob is great! Did my trust and my mother's.  He is professional and kind.  He answered any questions, and it was a very quick process.
Thank you, Bob!

To purchase the $10 Recording by Bob Lock on Trust Click this LINK

See More Testimonial Like this: Link
By the way, that $10 was the best money I have ever spent.  Bob’s video is so informative, and he is a great speaker.
Going to purchase more videos.

Contact Bob Lock 

Our Illustrious Bob Lock LOVES to pop up when we least expect it
Lots of Fun /

Join in 

 Bob Lock
on the Website (

I had 5 God directed encounters in three days!  First I sent trust materials to Bob on Tuesday and in less than 24 hours he had my trust back to me!!! While I was typing things up for Bob the lady that I have as a trustee on that trust called out of the blue( it was God directed) Tender Hearts ministry The next day I went to a business man lunch at BJ University  and ran into  people I have not seen in years,  one is the head of the seminary and has hundreds of students who are preachers and missionaries around the world. Then a man from the Wilds which has Christian camps in 56 places around the world, "Camps Abroad" and then a totally new God directed hook up was with two ladies that run Dare for More ministries in Guatemala helping abused and trafficked women and children. The 5th God encounter was the head of Puerto Rico Bible College calling and talking about higher education in Latin America. Most of these men and women have no idea I have detail projects written up and Bob Lock has made up trust already for their ministries nor do they know I have ZIM, Dong, Bolivar set aside for each of the projects.  While others are telling bank stories, I am having God given encounters!   I am getting ready to hit the ground running. I started this journey in 2010 with CMKX and have had a long time to plan and prepare. I am so ready for this RV to happen!


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Contact Bob at: 

"Anyone in the community can Direct Message me at any time. I appreciate how one thread leads into another thread, but I would like to stick to topics that relate directly to the logistics of trusts and our appointments please."

Bob Lock

Testimonials and Words of Wisdom 

There is no requirement that anyone have a trust to exchange. There is a question as to whether one is required to get a higher rate for projects. Mark Z is correct when he says that. He also makes it clear that he has a trust set up, which he got from me. So, while you do not have to have one, if you are exchanging/redeeming large quantities of funds, trusts make complete sense.

QUESTION:  Is there a trust management company you recommend?
ANSWER:  I will probably end up at some point engaging with a professional corporate trust management company like Northern Trust or something similar. They have a ton of resources in house that allow them to cover whatever your trust business and projects are.

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Bob Lock's Documents 


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Bob Lock
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