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We will continue trying to add everyone 
You will receive an email from the group to decide if you want to join.
No details till the RV 

Private Group Information 
No UPDATES from the group till the RV
We will let you know what we find out. 
We will not verify your names on the list.

As part of our commitment to providing exclusive benefits to our team members, we will do our best to get your email added to our private group. While we cannot make any promises, we will strive to ensure you receive access to the latest updates, news, and educational resources.

Private Group Info

Be careful joining again. Our group is VETTED and told it is CLOSED.

We are not associated or know anything about what others claim they are doing. 

We were invited in due to ethics and had legal counsel. 

Salty is the contact direct and vetted.   

They did not promise it would get in yet trying.   

Seeds of Wisdom Team does not sell or share your emails without your permission.


Seeds of Wisdom Team will keep you informed! For emails,

Telegram, and website subscribe here.

Check box 

Thank you for submitting! Confirmations will come from: or sent by Add   to your address books and check spam if you do not one.

Sign up

Seeds of Wisdom Team does not sell or share your emails without

your permission.

Dinar Recaps

📣 Dinar Recaps📣

UPDATE from August 20th, 2013 - Still valid 

At this time, Dinar Recaps does NOT have any 800#’s, secure links, or exchange information.  

Recaps cannot recommend any group, or do we have sign up information for any group.  We repeat, Dinar Recaps has nothing to do with them or recommend them or any such group.  Recaps only re-posts what others are saying.

Dinar Recaps has zero information about “humanitarian projects”, nor do we collect any such information.  

Seeds of Wisdom Team will post in telegram, the website Link ( and send out emails to the ones subscribed Link ( No need to subscribe several times.

When General 64 sends out their info we will inform others to look for it. Private Group Link

 ( details at this time. If you missed getting into the group we will ask again if they would open up again in time. Thank you


We will continue trying to add everyone 

You are NOT obligated to be in the group. You can decide for yourself when you have read the facts in detail.

Benefits will be in the Private Group designated bank institution will send out the emails directly. 
Then you decide.
No details are known yet. 

Private Group Info

Salty contacted the group and asked to add more people to the group. The team will be helping with Q and A. The Private Group has graciously let us open up the offering for those who may have missed the chance to get their names added to the database of currency holders. This is the last offering for this opportunity. Please click the Private Group LINK and add your email address.

No guarantee of this getting put in they will try on their end. They approved us to send more in. 
Emails will be sent out for your review to see if you want to go forward.

You are NOT obligated to stay with the group. You can decide for yourself when you have read the facts in detail.


Nobody has the details till this happens. Private group designated bank institution will send out the emails directly. Seeds of Wisdom will post on the website, telegram and send out emails when we know what to do.

Thank you.

History below when they closed.



Read above for details.


Private Group Has Been Opened Again.


Thanks for this Special opportunity to help others. 


This is an opportunity to be on an email list for you to review.
No commitments. A gift.

You will get an email from G64 designated bank institution, who will send out the emails directly when the RV Happens.

They do NOT give updates.

  We do NOT have details.

Read the emails then decide if you want to move forward.

It is an email you can read - that is it.
Your questions will be addressed by ones in charge who have FACTS at the right time.

This was vetted many times. We work hard helping others.

Vetted by Mark Z and others vetted

We (SOWT) have nothing to gain. 

Here to help you get an email

The group opened the door after years of being closed to help others -

An act of kindness

Nobody asked for anything other than who would like to get an email to read and we need their email to send it to the group.

The timeline changed as this was going on. We are here to serve others and do our best to help everyone. 

*We can not check who is on the list.

They will not be asking for currency types or serial numbers or zip.  

People claiming things causing fear need to give FACTS.

Where is the proof?

I would not allow others to influence you getting an email with FACTS that could be life changing.   

Sad, a kind gift has to be treated this way with rumors.

Feel Blessed we are here to help others and have proven that.
The website to docs and telegram room.

 All for others to connect and learn together. 

We were asked not to mention the topic again out of respect for the group. You will get the emails from them to decide after everyone has the FACTS


Thank you for your understanding,

Salty & The Seeds of Wisdom Team 
Disclaimer | SeedsofWisdomTeam

Kindness wins respect! Our goals are helping people.

The group contacted Salty with an invitation after being closed 10 years.


Who from g64 got with you about group being added. 
I did not have anything to do with that, so I want to make sure it is a legitimate person seeking the emails from your site.

Wiley Morgan

Mark Z  8 - 1 - 2022

Click on the coconuts on the website and let Coconut Logo Take You on a Learning Journey

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