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Seeds of Wisdom TeamDedicated to Inspiration and Education.

Dollar Day Friday 
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The Seeds of Wisdom Team 


Seeds of Wisdom: Planting Kindness All Year Round.
Seeds of Wisdom is dedicated to sharing wisdom and empowering others. We believe that everyone has something valuable to offer, and we strive to create a world where everyone feels connected, supported, and inspired.

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Salty and The Seeds of Wisdom Team

These are adorable ornaments will look great on your tree!
Only $8. ($5 + $3 Shipping). Contact Rhonda at: @ajsmom to place your order. 

Please include your full name, mailing address, and how many you would like. 
(Only add ($5. for each additional ornament up to 3 ornaments total.
Contact Rhonda for shipping prices for orders for four ornaments or more.)

Profits goes to help others.


Thank you, Salty &The Seeds of Wisdom Team

Join in breaking down the Debt Clock

A Secret Message appears every
Debt Clock
Join the discussions in the Living Room as we try to decode the message! Debt Clock • 6 PM - 8 EST Link
Freedom Fighter -Debt-clock-11-9-2024

What the community is saying

"I love the collaboration that we have in here with the debt clock conversations!" ImsooxxxitedTobehere

Key Dates
These dates are estimates, intended to help you plan to take necessary steps to prepare for the Protocol 20 upgrade. They may change over the next few weeks as audits and engineering tests are completed, and as new information comes in. When dates become definite, we will update this guide to let you know.
December 11 — Stellar Core, Horizon, and Soroban RPC pre-releases / Stellar SDK releases

December 18 — TestNet network upgrade readiness date and reset
December 19 — Stellar Core, Horizon, and Soroban RPC stable releases
January 30, 2024 — Public network upgrade readiness date
What do you need to do to prepare?

Before the January 30, 2024 readiness date, plan to install up-to-date versions of any and all Stellar-related software you use. If you fail to do so, your Stellar integration will be incompatible with Protocol 20, and it will likely break if and when an upgrade occurs. Read More 

"Facts/ truth bring peace" @Jettech


Why 2024

Watch Issac for his information, no one is going until after his job is complete. Don't care who you follow or what you hear there is no getting around that fact.

⚡Wait for MY post. Isaac⚡

Be the Exception

Colorful Lights

"Smartest gooorooo statement of all time..."Get a job and wait - it's gonna be a long haul" Jester - about 15 years ago" Member

 Our information not only provide knowledge but also practical skills that are essential for success in life. Join us now in building your brighter future.
Fast Facts

Scammers after YOUR information!

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We do not send DMs or sell Crypto

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