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Lowtide - ZimPamela and Lowtide
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"Folks the Zim Note and the Zim Bond are two different animals from the same country. They are both pretty much worthless as the Bond became wall paper. The note went into hyper inflated land and only now has their Country began the work of putting assets behind their currency. If assets are allowed to back their gold dollar then maybe someday it will be of value. Now the Bond that was printed in 08 and 09 was burned and used for wall paper or whatever. The Gessara people began to look at the Bond as Bearable and could be used for Humanitarian Projects. If their (Gessara) dreams ever came to the table. There is no evidence of any such legislation or effort to bring forth this dream. There are lots of videos out there to research yourselves. But again, exotic collectibles are just that right now. Like silver certificates have become. Maybe someday but don’t spend your bill money or buy anything you can’t stand to lose on. The world has long ago been convinced of pie in the sky get rich schemes. And slick campaigns have taken advantage of those who could not afford to lose." Lowtide

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