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7/7/2023 Surprised so many misses this but this new economic system is part of Nesara. 

"It's not Nesara. It is Digital asset-based Trading System. Goldilocks Link

"Nesara is a proposed concept not fact or legislation proposed. Nothing is moving on that front. Must be legislative." Lowtide Read More

NESARA/GESARA refers to a conspiracy theory, promoted by Shaini Goodwin (also known as the "Dove of Oneness"), that all debts will be wiped out in a radical reset of the U.S. economy. It is a reference to the National Economic Security and Recovery Act (NESARA), a set of U.S. economic reforms proposed in the 1990s, which included abolishing compound interest on loans, replacing income tax with a national sales tax and returning U.S. currency to the gold standard. While the proposals were never actually introduced before Congress, conspiracy theorists like Goodwin claim that they were secretly passed by Congress and then suppressed by George W. Bush in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.

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