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Together, We Grow Smarter and Stronger

Coconut Adventure

Seeds of Wisdom TeamDedicated to Inspiration and Education.

Let Coconut Logo Take You on a Learning Journey

Salty Toes hopes that you will join this community of thousands to continue to learn, bring your wisdom to inspire others, and even make lifelong friends.

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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

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Our Story

How Seeds of Wisdom Team was born Link

Logo Story Link

Salty Toes does not do things alone.

She is a firm believer that the Seeds of Wisdom Team© is a community based on Education and Self-Growth.

That Belief pours into this Website. 

Got Idea? Let us Know!

Seeds of Wisdom was created several years ago for your education. We continue to stay on course, growing minds with knowledge and care.

Seeds of Wisdom Team Receiving a seed of wisdom is a precious gift. It is a tiny nugget of knowledge or insight that has the potential to grow into something much larger and more meaningful. When I receive a seed of wisdom, I am grateful for the person who has shared it with me, and I vow to nurture it with care.

Movie about Seeds of Wisdom and Okie Link

BeracahOne Posted 

Love our VIP Team here! People know them personally … Men/Women of character … have the heart to serve others! Doing it out of the goodness of their heart to see everyone grow personally and prosper versus trying to get a buck for their pocket!! Seeds of Wisdom was really built around servitude and helping others grow and become all they/we are meant to be!!! What you do will be given back to you multitudes! God’s principle of SOW and REAP! You put one seed in the ground and get a multitude of seeds back! How awesome to SOW seeds of our gifts, talents, and love to one another and we never know how it will be multiplied back to us, but I’ve seen it usually at the times one most needs it ... in whatever form!! IT IS POWERFUL and SO IS HE THAT CREATED THE LAW!

Be Empowered with Knowledge

At Seeds of Wisdom, our VIP program stands out for its personalized approach to education.

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Food banks are low on food. Some supplies we are unable to buy.
Seeds of Wisdom Team helped because of donations

We are living in our car and need help. 

Seeds of Wisdom Team helped because of donations

Family emergency and no funds to travel for a funeral

Seeds of Wisdom Team helped because of donations


"I was on your Seeds of Wisdom site recently and admire that you have taken a far different path than most and taken the road less traveled. Your giving will one day be repaid tenfold. Takers most of what I see on the internet currency community.

Bravo for taking a refreshing approach. Sorry to say I am not online much these days and small projects I started years ago have turned into larger ones. Be blessed."

—Wiley Morgan 

"Planting Seeds of Wisdom helps others when they need help so that they can learn how to grow their own garden of Wisdom, a good garden always needs good soil. Plant some wisdom!" 
— JJ Outlaw Smith

Click on the coconuts on the website and let Coconut Logo Take You on a Learning Journey

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