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Please consider everyone before you post. Thank you

Please consider everyone in the community before posting.

 We are respectful of others and expect others to be.
Definition of Standards

Name-calling Defamation of Character Legal Link
(We have also kept good records.)


Standards and Rules

1. Always ask permission to send a Private Message (Direct Message) to an unknown person, especially if it is the first time you contact that room member. And do not send private messages introducing yourself to sell or go to other rooms not approved.

2. No Form of Soliciting, Self-Promoting (including your name or your Telegram member's name), Selling, or Endorsed is allowed including Investments.  This also includes providing the link to any of the aforementioned.  We suggest not sharing personal information and using caution while remaining respectful to others. Be careful of scams and scammers.  Ask yourself what are their intentions? Be aware your information can be sold. It is your responsibility, not SOWT, to either disregard or accept any link not endorsed officially by the Seeds of Wisdom Team, even if it is published by any member inside our Rooms.

3. Listen to the Team.  This includes VIPs, Special Invited Guests of SOWT, and Moderators. We ask for kindness.

4. Leave your negativity at the door before you join the chat. 

5. Racism will never be tolerated. 

6. Use your grown-up words, No Profanity.  (Even in post/Meme) 

7. If you disagree with any information here, do so politely and let it go!  This goes for political bashing to religion.  Agree to Disagree and move on!

8. Personal attacks are not allowed. No inciting rhetoric to spur a fuss.

Name-calling Defamation of Character LEGAL LINK

9.      No Profane / Nude images allowed of any form.

10.  The VIP & Professional Team has the only approved info/intel allowed for Seeds of Wisdom Team or an approved independently owned (Team Friendly Link) PRIVATE ROOMS. PRIVATE DEFINITION LINK 

 Please respect this and be ethical or you WILL be removed. We are not saying others are right or wrong.  They are not vetted, and we do not have time to vet it.  You can always have the option to go to your or the other member's Private Room to share or review 3rd party info or private items with other(s) room member(s) as per your agreement.

11. Please post your Topic inappropriate Topic rooms.

12.  Spamming by private message is not allowed. Complaints will be taken seriously, and offenders removed. Also, against telegram rules below  


13.  Please clean up after you post stickers/emojis in the telegram rooms to prevent clutter and make others' posts easy to find and read. That is the room’s main topic.   

14.   Do not share phone calls from others you do not personally know.  Can you really know people you meet on the internet?  Be wise always!  Any Conference Call Sponsored by SOWT will be announced by an Official Post.

15.  Do not post links or invite people out of SOWT telegram rooms to a non-SOWT private telegram room.  Members joined us, trusting our standards.

16.  We reserve the Right of Admission to any of our Telegram rooms.

17.  We do not promote violence in any form.  If you know anybody who is doing it, please forward the message containing the violent post with your comment informing the room name where the post was made to a Moderator immediately through a Private Message.

18.  We ask to respect and obey the Moderator's requests.  That includes Room VIP.  Let's agree to disagree and move on.

19. We are a group with religious values.  From time to time, SOWT may post links and bible verses. If you do think that you will feel uncomfortable or annoyed by religious items, please feel free to exit our rooms. 

Why can't adults read and respect others? Help us hold others accountable, our goal is education and helping others.   

“Rooms requiring constant reminders to stay on topic or ignoring our standards could experience restricted posting hours for all members.
Members causing dissension and arguing risk the loss of posting privileges.”

Ephesians 4:32 - Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, 
forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.

~ Salty ~
The Seeds of Wisdom Team


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