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"Please understand my responses regarding Trusts and your ability to exchange is not mentioned so you can avoid establishing a Trust beforehand, there are two members of SOW that provide Trusts with methods of paying over a schedule of time vs lump sum so please explore your options as what they will do will be directly addressed to your needs and not a one trust fits all concept."  Texas Snake

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Wills and Trusts are the primary tools of Estate Planning for most individuals and families.  Wills, however, are subject to probate costs and estate tax, both of which drain the Estate of considerable wealth.  Wealth that is intended for the heirs, and not the state.  That is why Trusts have become a favored vehicle for wealth preservation and Estate Planning.  Trusts provide a level of privacy that a Will cannot, because they do not go through the probate system.  Properly constructed, they also provide protection from liability from lawsuits as well as the previously mentioned probate and estate tax relief.  Since Estate taxes can be up to 55% of the value of the Estate, these benefits are significant for the beneficiaries, and for fulfilling the wishes of the Grantor to the Trust. In anticipation of the transition of the systems of government, law, and finance to an environment based upon sound, asset-backed currency, I have developed trust educational materials under the original Common Law. Please take the time to avail yourselves of the educational materials that are provided at minimal or no cost to prepare yourselves for your RV/GCR appointments. Bob Lock

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Some time after I became acquainted with MarkZ and the Seeds of Wisdom Team I embarked on a social experiment.  After interacting with many community members who indicated to me that they had an interest in creating trusts for their currency speculation endeavors, but lacked the funds to do so. In response, I established a discounted donation structure to make the resources that I created more affordable. This action was well received, but there were many community members who approached me about setting up an installment arrangement. I was advised by numerous people that it would be foolhardy for me to do so, and that most people who were suffering financially would fail to live up to the installment agreements. After many months of experience with the installment agreements, I am happy to say that the overwhelming majority of installment arrangements have been fulfilled by our community members. It truly helps restore my faith in humanity to be able to say this. For those whose financial circumstances did not allow them to fulfill their obligations, most have been fastidious in communicating with me about their situations. For all of this I thank all of you for restoring my faith and trust with your honesty and integrity. Bless you all. ❤️🙏Link

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Gifting Statement

Trust Minutes Template

Trustee Handbook

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As Texas Snake has indicated, the Trustee benefits are only needed to be specified in your Minutes. There are plenty of "sample clauses" on the internet to use for the medical expenses benefit to Trust members and their immediate families. Just make sure that the Trustee has the authorization to give benefits, that the Trust does not limit the Trustee benefits; And if you intend to extend the benefit to other persons, you made them aware of any government social benefit or tax implication to the intended person. Attached please find a generic Sample Minute, but there are more styles of minutes available on the internet. Just specify the benefits paragraph or benefits at the Minute. It is advisable to do one Topic per Minute.

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"I have noticed some discussions regarding Trusts and their applicability of use for the exchanging of currency into USN's and if the banks will accept certain Trusts.  As a matter of your options may I suggest certain items to consider.  It is a given that we will initially be exchanging through Tier One banks.  Almost every Tier One bank I am familiar with has a Trust Department the bank that specializes in establishing Trusts, accepting existing Trusts for management, as well as providing investment vehicles for the consideration of the Trustee.  If you have questions about any Trust you have established and know the bank you plan on exchanging with, then call that bank ahead of our exchange date and schedule an appointment with the Head of the Trust Department and let them examine your Trust instrument to assure yourselves that your Trust will be acceptable.  There is no cost for this service, and it will provide a little experience with dealing with a wealth manager."

I had 5 God directed encounters in three days!  First I sent trust materials to Bob on Tuesday and in less than 24 hours he had my trust back to me!!! While I was typing things up for Bob the lady that I have as a trustee on that trust called out of the blue( it was God directed) Tender Hearts ministry The next day I went to a business man lunch at BJ University  and ran into  people I have not seen in years,  one is the head of the seminary and has hundreds of students who are preachers and missionaries around the world. Then a man from the Wilds which has Christian camps in 56 places around the world, "Camps Abroad" and then a totally new God directed hook up was with two ladies that run Dare for More ministries in Guatemala helping abused and trafficked women and children. The 5th God encounter was the head of Puerto Rico Bible College calling and talking about higher education in Latin America. Most of these men and women have no idea I have detail projects written up and Bob Lock has made up trust already for their ministries nor do they know I have ZIM, Dong, Bolivar set aside for each of the projects.  While others are telling bank stories, I am having God given encounters!   I am getting ready to hit the ground running. I started this journey in 2010 with CMKX and have had a long time to plan and prepare. I am so ready for this RV to happen!

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