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True abundance is not something you earn or gain in the course of time. 

In fact, abundance has more to do with who you are than what you have become.

When you understand this fully, you will have returned to the Innocence from which you were breathed into existence from the purity of your heart.

This is your birthright and the birthplace of infinite possibilities.

It is a place hands can no longer touch and The Awakening of a Soul's longing to return home.

© Author Sam Oliver

You are the breath within your breath. Know this, and you will know yourself as you truly are.  

Author Sam Oliver

The real gift of Christmas is not in the receiving of things. It is in the giving nature of our hearts willing to share something or an event that creates joy to all who partake in it. The gift of living in joy leading up to Christmas Day, and we can open our heart into it daily. It is "always" the first gift of Christmas. Sam Oliver

© Author Sam Oliver

Love is the frequency of being. It means you have the freedom to choose who you want to be and unconditionally supported at the same time no matter what.

Sam Oliver