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Thank you all for your donations... we have so many hurting and in need.  They are all vetted and all donations go to help others...100% Thank you!!❤️


Thanks for the opportunity to give.  Much appreciated

Every Dollar Day Changes Lives.

Plant your seed in good soil 

-Taking ALL Cards-

They take all Cards

Okie is very ill. The Doctors gave him a timeline to live. He has only as f or prayers. He also wanted donations to help others. At this time, he needs help with your prayers and a donation if possible.

 Checks are also welcomed.


Seed of Wisdom Team


3091 College Park Dr. STE 240 #8

The Woodlands, Texas 77384-8029 

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It is all about the Blessing. Explained in a fun short video enjoy.  

Help Us Help Others NOW. Any Donation Will Be Deeply Appreciated Thank you. 

This is this YOUR Seeds of Wisdom Team Community coming together like the movie. Thank you 

George, played by Jimmy Stewart in "It's a Wonderful Life". was in despair and contemplating.

suicide with an impending arrest and the loss of his family business.  But HE DID NOT GIVE UP.  His community rallied to help which changed his life. ❤️ NEVER GIVE UP!  Seeds of Wisdom Team is YOUR community support to help change YOUR life.  We provide educational resources to help YOU achieve generational growth and wealth for you and your family. 

Food banks are low on food. Some supplies we are unable to buy.

Seeds of Wisdom Team helped because of donations

We are living in our car and need help. 

Seeds of Wisdom Team helped because of donations

Family emergency and no funds to travel for a funeral

Seeds of Wisdom Team helped because of donations

Any Donation Will Be Deeply Appreciated

Salty & The Seeds of Wisdom Team 

1 Corinthians 3:7

Plant your Seeds in Good Soil.

So then neither the one who plants nor the one who waters are anything,
but God who causes the growth.





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What did the Seeds of Wisdom Team© do in 2022?

We reached over 26 counties through our Website and Telegram rooms.

We fed starving children and now they have full tummies and smiles.

We helped some elderly with utilities and extra things.


The Dollar Day program has helped so many.  It is amazing!

We have also lead people to Jesus and helped them build their faith. 

People have sent testimonies how SOWT made them a better person.

Some people we helped paid us back and then helped others. 


We were able to accomplish all this from your donations of a dollar.

People saying 'thank you' are in the Thank You room, on the website, and on docs. 

This Mission came to Salty in the form of a whisper she heard from God.


Listen to God for what you need to do in your life.

Salty is here to serve and she says it is not about her.  It is ALL about YOU!

Salty is truly honored to be a part of helping so many.  She is the Owner but she is also one of the Team.