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Waiting for Okie's Next Seeds of Wisdom Recording to be planted here. 

Okie Community Friendship 1/12/ 2023Okie
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Okie's Community Wisdom mesasage 11 3 2022
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Thank you, Okie for PULLING the
Seeds of Wisdom Team together where we can plow the fields and plant God's seeds in 
your honor.  


One of the early things Okie told Salty 
"Wisdom is doing the right thing without a precedent."

Okie The Oil Man

Messages to
Our Community

Okie Explains Executive Order 13030

Okie's Message 9 13 22
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Okie explains the 13303Okie
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11 18 2021 Okie Thanks Seeds of WisdomOkie
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"Okie, I am a child of Christ. I came in like that. For the past 10 years I have been doing harrowing work with no resources only faith to stand for childhood sex abuse survivors. I have tangled with some powerful and ugly people. Like Presidential hopefuls for the last election powerful. Came very close to not making it. Really truly only know that I’m still alive because soon I’m going to be able to make REAL impact on this issue. I’ve lived in 34 different places in last 11 years. One different country, 6 different states, with my beloved cat 15-year-old cat and two suitcases. Lost everything including my own children in this fight for the right for kids to develop without their creation energy highjacked. I’ve never met you, but what you have co created here has given me continued faith in humanity. Most people like me haven’t made it. I love you. You must stay. You will get to be with your bride at some point for all eternity, that is Gods promise. We need you here now. I know grief of the most profound kind. It’s been endless. That last Saturday night where I got to hear your voice, I was so soothed. I have never been given the opportunity to “wait” until this blessing occurs to do Gods work, I’ve crawled through broken glass for over a decade. I’m 5 ft 1, most everyone I have ever known and loved has abandoned me for this work. Not God, not you and SOW. Thank you. Just thank you, Okie. Sometimes I can’t get myself off the floor and I have severe chronic pain issues from the CPTSD I’ve struggled with for life. I’ve been flying by the seat of my God for 11 years. I was divinely guided to this. I just happened to ask the right person the right question to bring me here. To you, to all these good people. I just wanted you to know the tiniest part of my very big story because I KNOW who has kept me alive and guided me here. Our beautiful Lord, Savior, Buddy and Good Brother Jesus Christ." — Jana Peterson

Okie the Oil Man

The Man, the Myth, the Legend

Raised in Oklahoma, Okie’s father passed while he was still young, leaving him to care for his Mother and younger sister.


In 1989 he became involved in the prosperity programs.  


In 2003, he got involved with Dinar, after seeing the signing of Executive Order 13303 He then opened his internet room and began sharing with others, becoming the Grandfather and Godfather of the Dinar community


You KNEW you were part of a very special team.

Having Okie give us updates gave us comfort, knowing we were still in the game.  Many of us were in his room and have fond memories of his distinctive voice and kind words. Okie’s values are the same values most of us hold so dearly—God, Country, helping your fellow citizens, then self. We still see this in him today.  


God Bless you, Okie. You are still an inspiration to us all. We love you and pray for your health and well being. The landing strip is lit up and waiting for you to bring this in for the community that you call “Family.”

Okie listened to the radio with his parents as a child.
This saying is one of his favorites.

On Okie's Barn

 Okie Only Asks for Prayers

and Always Says Thank You

He has served our community faithfully and diligently for two decades, even when he was down and out and sick. If you can't financially support him, your prayers are heard in heaven and are worth their weight in gold! Thank you everyone for helping.


  Okie is the Oilman, the myth, the legend, the grandfather, and the Godfather of the Dinar community.  Okie has ongoing health issues. He is still very ill. He has chronic breathing issues. His doctor has increased his breathing treatments but they are very expensive. He only asks for prayers, but he needs both prayers and donations continually. We are the only ones helping to make a difference in Okie's life.  

Okie is very grateful and thankful for our community. We are the only ones helping to make a difference in his life. Okie is very grateful and thankful for our community

and he thanks each one who has donated to help him, most of all your prayers.

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 Thank You

to Our Community


The Seeds of Wisdom Team!

Salty Toes

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