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Planning Tips

Be Empowered with Knowledage

The Mindset Of Millionaires — How Their Views Can Lead To Financial Success Link

"Negotiation -
Never negotiate from a position of weakness or from a poverty mentality. Doing so is foolish and unwise and have fact-based information to support our positions." 

Donald Trump said he wanted a "Level playing field" The ONLY way to do that is to have an international gold standard.

10 Questions for your planning link

Open multiple accounts up to the $250,000 limit FDIC insures. Link

Why hasn't this happened? Link
Are YOU Paying Attention? Link
Two Types of Truth Link

Boy Who Called Wolf Link

Did Donald Trump Buy Dinar?  Link

History Info

Okie explains the 13303Okie
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How to Build a Wealth Management Team

Bank high-yield savings and MMFs are pushing 5%, some over, right now. See Open an IntraFi account as described weeks ago and let your banker open as many accounts as necessary in as many banks as necessary (stopping each acct short of 250k) as is necessary.
Easy peasy, was the point rather than telling a broker, your Brand New Broker, that he has to open 100 250k accounts to protect your 25 mil, which aren’t protected anyway.
READ a MMF prospectus… says they are NOT guaranteed

Copper Pennies Link © Goldilocks
Hoarding Copper Pennies - This is Fun Link © Goldilocks

 Color Your New World Link

10 Questions for your planning link

Open multiple accounts up to the $250,000 limit FDIC insures. Link

Texas Snake Info

" Salty first approached me to consider joining her SOW team to provide an educational website to assure people of unfounded wealth would have the opportunity to explore opportunities that they otherwise might not learn until it was to late.  That met with one of my paramount goals, how to prevent the Lottery Winners Syndrome.  I have posted numerous documents as well as pontificating on the importance of developing a personal financial plan based upon your personal goals and objectives as well as your risk reward status.  These have been provided free of charge.  I say all this as Salty is now being attacked as all these forms are for her to benefit financially.  This is the furthest thing from the truth as education to our members is her primary  goal as it is mine." Texas Snake


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