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Can you all see it coming together?
No smoke and mirrors.  Just sound policy reforms. 
Bigger than one country. 


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EBS / The President will make an announcement? 

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   When Protocol 20 is done, we are too.

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Trump Executive Order for QFS National Quantum Initiative Link 

Can you all see it coming together?
No smoke and mirror’s. 
Just sound policy reforms. 

Bigger than one country. 


The absence of the opposition dismantles the coordination framework and aves the way for al-Maliki’s return to power Marie G Link


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FED NOW and CBDC are both Fiat money-based systems fully controlled by the private Federal Reserve Corporation, while QFS is a asset backed system that can not be controlled by the FedBob Lock

"Quantum Financial System: The Basic Overview" Link

"The Quantum System is not being set up for just banking but for military, elections and so much more"

The Gold Standard System | World Gold Council Link
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Q3 Proud

You have a Q3 which is TS for DOE..TOP SECRET. You also have a Level 6 which is Secret Clearance, and TS3 which is TOP Secret. So Q3 or TS3 or T6. Not all DOE employees are designated with a Q3. You can have a S Clearance as well as a TS clearance. According to you job title/and Need to know basis to carry out your job description. Q3Proud Link

Some claim the 800 is on the back of your Bank card

8/7/2023 What I am advised is all WF branches as well as their headquarters are undergoing extensive training programs to become well versed in all the new banking procedures that will be introduced and become active in the near future.  He further anticipates addition word on the effective date of the revaluation of currency.
Texas Snake

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8/30/2023  Banks are in the proposal phase of their banking reforms. What this means is they have made an offer that will move them towards new transactions based on Basel 3 compliance requirements. The next phase will be to test these new requirements inside the markets. This will call shifts in prices all over the stock market as well as the commodity sector. 

It is an attempt to find balance between debt to equity ratios that work. Once new ratios are formulated, we will see final rules and comments come into play by the end of November per article shared in this room a few weeks ago. 

The month of December is when the banking system closes their books on the year. It is a time when banks make changes and adjustments to prepare for the new year.

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No Facts to prove either way. Why speculate? Get facts when proven.


Earth to Jackson Hole: create sustainable future bonds for stability and prosperity - Central Banking Link

The only tiers in finance and banking are those relating to banks. Tier 1-2-3 and so on. Tiers represent capital requirements for banks. Tier 1 capital is a bank's core capital and includes disclosed reserves—that appear on the bank's financial statements—and equity capital. This money is the funds a bank uses to function on a regular basis and forms the basis of a financial institution's strength.
Tier 2 capital is a bank's supplementary capital. Undisclosed reserves, subordinated term debts, hybrid financial products, and other items make up these funds. Tier 3 capital consisted of low-quality, unsecured debt issued by banks before the Great Financial Crisis. Many banks held tier 3 capital to cover their market, commodities, and foreign currency risks derived from trading activities. What this really means is that banks used loans from other banks to cover any losses they took while trading on several markets.

The term has been thrown around dinarland for a long time, usually meaning. Governments, church groups. Whales, “internet group”, and general public. These hold no meaning away from dinarland and all things associated with it. Maria G

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What Crypto is backed by Gold? Gold is XRP
What Crypto is backed by Silver? Silver is XLM
What Crypto is backed by Copper? Copper is XDC
 Palladium is Algo (algorand), Iridium is mIOTA.

Everything You Need To Know About - Crypto-Backed Mortgages Link

Thank you, Jester

 1) LinISO 20022 CoinsCould ISO 20022 coins bring in a new era of crypto compliance? Find out in our comprehensive ISO 20022 crypto definition.Decentralised Finance, or DeFi for short, represents a system of financial products built on top of decentralised and open-source blockchains. 2) Link 3) Link
8/18/2023 Mastercard launches CBDC Partner Program in partnership with leading blockchain firms to foster the implementation of digital currencies – Cryptopolitan Link 
The CFTC is a market regulator like the SEC.  Only instead of stocks and bonds, we regulate derivatives of commodities like wheat, oil, and copper, as well as of interest rates and other financial products.  The risk management functions of these markets are integral to the global response to climate change.[2]  These markets help discover prices for commodities like a megawatt hour of solar power generation or the lithium used in electric vehicles and batteries.  They can be used to hedge interest rate risk for long-term investments under the IRA or to hedge the risk that severe climate events pose to row crops.
Protocal 20 Link

All roads lead to Stellar Network backed by Gold and other commodities. (Protocol 20) © Goldilocks

Goldilocks updates in their room daily.
Wiley breaks it down in the Q and A Room Link 

7/22/2023 "Every living person who uses money will care. 7 billion plus. 
Protocol 20 anyone"


Lol, nicely done! VIP
To answer your questions as best I can. Protocol 20 brings in the liquidity. It moves those tokens across bridges to the Stellar network, wraps them in stellar protocols and locks them in place. This must happen before things progress. This makes the system possible. This is part of the final upgrade for the DIGITAL side.
For the PAPER side, we need gold to come to value and be set as a standard and pegged to a currency. That gives a value to a peg of gold, that can be tokenized. That’s where tokenization comes in. Along with other hard assets and commodities that will be tied to ISO tokens. Ex. XRP- gold XLM- silver XDC - copper so on. Those tokens then serve as a certain utility in the DIGITAL space. So before we can do the paper revaluation the digital side must be complete.

Edit: took me a minute, we got weather happenings. 😀Marie G 

Western Union Link
Zain Link

FedNow: What Is It, and What Does It Do? Link  

Decentralised Finance, or DeFi for short, represents a system of financial products built on top of decentralised and open-source blockchains. Link 

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Brics XRP

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Trump EO 13849



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Shanghai Cooperation Organization Link
SHANGHAI, Aug 17 (Reuters) - Read More
"China's major state-owned banks were seen busy selling U.S. 
7/7/2023 Surprised so many misses this but this new economic system is part of Nesara. 
NESARA/GESARA refers to a conspiracy theory, promoted by Shaini Goodwin (also known as the "Dove of Oneness"), that all debts will be wiped out in a radical reset of the U.S. economy. It is a reference to the National Economic Security and Recovery Act (NESARA), a set of U.S. economic reforms proposed in the 1990s, which included abolishing compound interest on loans, replacing income tax with a national sales tax and returning U.S. currency to the gold standard. While the proposals were never actually introduced before Congress, conspiracy theorists like Goodwin claim that they were secretly passed by Congress and then suppressed by George W. Bush in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.
NDA Nobody has poven any facts


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Well there are rumors floating around dinarland on medbeds. Supposed quantum healing. In my digging I have not found evidence of their existence in the mainstream and are still in R&D phase. 

In the most recent declassified DOD budget released at the beginning of the year there is one section for R&D of “Quantum Healing”. It’s still in the experimental phase. 
Page 62 of 270 of the 2022 DOD Budget (unclassified) @Marie G