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Why 2024 Link

"Facts/ truth bring peace" @Jettech

These 3 links are the BEST news for the year 2023!

Thank you to Goldilocks.

1) Link 2) Link 3)Link

Goldilocks, Economics
with Author Sam Oliver, & Freedom Fighter

A Goldilocks economy
is an economy that is not too hot or cold, in other words sustains moderate economic growth, and that has low inflation, which allows a market-friendly monetary policy. The name comes from the children's story Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Wikipedia   Link


I asked Salty Toes to check in with Isaac to see if this is what he needed to have happened in order for him to get liquidity. 
I am referring to the two articles above these words. 
If the answer is yes, is important to notice that the article states this project is in pilot form. 
Once the pilot form is done usually around 30 days, liquidity will follow. Goldilocks Link 
© Goldilocks

   "Correct 👍🏻Right on the money" 

Isaac link 

Why 2024 Link
Key Dates Link
Goldilocks info Link

"Wait for MY post".

Watch Issac for his information, no one is going until after his job is complete. Don't care who you follow or what you hear there is no getting around that fact.

12/6/23 Protocol 20 will allow developers to come in and interface their digital networks into the overall Quantum Financial system.  

Once protocol 20 is approved on January the 30th 2024, we will see many changes begin to take place in the Market, Banking, and Shipping Industry.  

The digitization of these three entities will begin the process of creating real values on a Global scale. 

© Goldilocks

3 Things

3 Things have to happen

We are in process of seeing the Global Oil Market Reset. 
© Goldilocks 
Freedom Watch the water
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Why 2024

Why 2024

12/28/2023 Based on the decision of the Board of Directors of this bank No. (191) of 2023, it was decided to give the mediation companies buying and selling foreign currencies under category (C) a period of time to merge to be classified as (A) or (B) until 3/31/2024. Goldilocks

Read More Link

Key Dates
OIG (15).jpg
Watch the banks.
Watch the markets.
Watch the water.
Watch gold.

1) Link © Goldilocks 
2) Link @Godilocks


"There are going to be several twists and turns here at the end of the old Financial System. Think of it as the Global Kentucky Derby currency race to the finish line. The winner takes all.Just so you know, my money is on Gold."

"The above information will involve new rates determined by real values. At that time, some of these new stablecoins that represent currencies in various countries will be functional in the new digital economy."

"Planting Seeds of Wisdom with daily intel sown with facts.The system being built is going to be capable of making that switch at the end. It will be the trigger we are all looking for." 

CBDC Chat Notes

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ISO 20022 Photo

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QFS Infographic

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QFS Gold Backed Digital Currency

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ISO 20022 Compliance

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Deutsche Bank Guide

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QFS Overview of the System

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BRICS Chat Notes

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Russia Chat Notes

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What Our Community Says

From the reports I am receiving about your seeds of wisdom room, I can tell there is an eagerness to learn about the banking system as it stands today and what it is becoming. You truly have a room filled with wisdom seekers. 


* Goldilocks

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