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Freedom Fighter 

NY Congressional candidate in 2001 and Alternate Delegate to the RNC Convention for presidential candidate G.W. Bush, Worked In corporate sales for a Fortune 100 company 2000-2008, 2008-2010 served as a Board Member for a private bank located in Stockholm Sweden, 2010 - 2014 a licensed insurance agent, business planner , business consultant, 2014-2020 as a Finance Manager for a car dealership, 2020- current stock trader (bond trader )

"Freedom , are you as beautiful as your voice is?  I love it!" Gertrude

"Listening to the SNL recording right now and I want to applaud Freedom Fighter’s intro, addressing members of our Armed Forces. I am not but my Dad was (He’s the guy mentioned above that I want to take to Vietnam, post RV)


Thank you for saying that, FF. It means an awful lot to this daughter of a Service Member❤️"Patriot1717

"Thank you, Freedom, for the awesome show again last night!! Thank you so much for calling out the gurus!! Thank you, too, Jester, Salty, Elephant, Pam, and Dustin, and all Admin." C&L's Mom

"You are all so helpful.  I really appreciate it !" Cori

"Thanks for being you, and all you do to help everyone and get them the education with facts, Freedom.  It DOES make a difference for so many!" Pamela

"My dad was listening in on the call last night and freedom fighter you really out did yourself with the entire call.


That call last night should be booked marked and saved for anyone who needs to be caught up to speed and just have any worries doubts etc.


Kudos to you and thank you for your time and efforts everyone."HD

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