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Scammers are after YOUR information!

Folks, How many of you have the slightest idea what apps on your smartphone have access to your data and usage statistics and “phone home” what they collect ???


Buy a phone and turn it on, the collection process starts immediately… the MANUFACTURERS make money on what they collect and can sell.


THEN, you start installing Apps. What can/do THEY collect and report (using YOUR data minutes) ???

Did you give the app permission ONLY to report while the app is in use ? So, when you’re done with an app, do you swipe it away - it only disappears from your screen, BUT is STILL RUNNING in the background unless you swipe/hold, then swipe (completely close) the apps that are open and running. It is amazing to me that people have no idea this is happening. 


Did you not pass your Owner/Operator/User’s Training and Operations Test when you bought the thing ??? OH, that’s right, they don’t offer one. And the manual that used to be provided (would be as thick as an old telephone directory) is now published where ? ON THE INTERNET. YOU are left to your own devices to figure out how the thing works, who’s “inside” the device, and what they are/are not doing.


Today’s article will help you find out who is “in there” and what they are doing with your info/data. I would suggest you spend some time with your trusty device and find out:

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