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"Please understand my responses regarding Trusts and your ability to exchange is not mentioned so you can avoid establishing a Trust beforehand, there are two members of SOW that provide Trusts with methods of paying over a schedule of time vs lump sum so please explore your options as what they will do will be directly addressed to your needs and not a one trust fits all concept." Texas Snake

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Bob Lock, Common Law

Wills and Trusts are the primary tools of Estate Planning for most individuals and families.  Wills, however, are subject to probate costs and estate tax, both of which drain the Estate of considerable wealth.  The wealth is intended for the heirs, and not the state.  That is why Trusts have become a favored vehicle for wealth preservation and Estate Planning.  Trusts provide a level of privacy that a Will cannot, because they do not go through the probate system.  Properly constructed, they also provide protection from liability from lawsuits as well as the previously mentioned probate and estate tax relief.  Since Estate taxes can be up to 55% of the value of the Estate, these benefits are significant for the beneficiaries, and for fulfilling the wishes of the Grantor to the Trust. In anticipation of the transition of the systems of government, law, and finance to an environment based upon sound, asset-backed currency, I have developed trust educational materials under the original Common Law. Please take the time to avail yourselves of the educational materials that are provided at minimal or no cost to prepare yourselves for your RV/GCR appointments.

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People who have assets (money, gold, jewelry) and they also have liabilities (cars, houses, businesses) need Trusts so they can INSULATE the assets and ISOLATE the liabilities.  Without separating assets and liabilities into separate Trusts, the assets (gold or money) can be reached for settling a claim against a liability (like a car accident), but when properly isolated and insulated, there is more financial security.  PLUS, when you have a Charitable Religious Trust, the IRS tax on a currency exchange drops from 37% down to ZERO.

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Ed of Ocala

Just for everyone's information:  The reason that Trust is needed, not mandatory,...  for your privacy, security, and anonymity going forward

Trust Funds are what someone has put into a Trust and then set up an account for someone to receive periodic payments.   "Trust Fund kids of rich parents".  An attorney manages and controls that account for the recipient of those funds.

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Ed of Ocala
This is a clarification for those that have intentions of not going to an appointment to do the Private exchange/redemption as part of Tier 4b, but rather just exchange currencies at a local Bank as part of the Public once the new  FOREX rates are published.  You can use the Charitable Religious Trust in that public exchange to eliminate the tax on public exchanges.  You will not be able to redeem the Zim at a Bank. The 4b appointment method is the only way to redeem the Zim.

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ARA Petition

Affidavit of Fact Full Review

Applying for a Trust- Step by Step Instructions

Certification of Trust ( Individual Editied)

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Certification of Trust (Individual Trustee Instructions)

Charitable Religious Trust

Affidavit of Fact

Applying for a Trust

Certification of Trust ( Co- Trustees Sample)

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Certification of Trust (Co- Trustees)

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Certification of Trust (Individual Trustee)

Gifting Statement