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Be Smart! Be Aware! Read the topics below.

Scammers are after YOUR information!


Be Smarter than a Scammer

Ask others to provide credentials.
If there is a way to part you from your money, they’ll try it.



1) You took info out of a Seeds of Wisdom Team room?

2) You broke any of the Seeds of Wisdom Team Standards?

3) You don't have your telegram app set up to keep your info safe?

4) You are in others' rooms that might have questionable ethics?

5) You gossip and have loose lips?

6) Do you have friends on your Direct Message List who have questionable ethics?

7) Do you like to post other's intel in Seeds of Wisdom Team rooms?   

8) You post Seeds of Wisdom Team info in others' rooms?

9) You provide email addresses to people NOT part of SoWT.


Why would people want your info?    

Sell to others as a potential newly monied “mark”?
MultiLevel Marketing people buys list several times per name 

Crypto Marketing

If there is a way to part you from your money, they’ll try it.



Do you know what they are?

Have you heard the Wednesday night call in Planning from 3/1/23? Explained.

Many possible scams are floating around for you to “sign up” for free SKRs or donate your Zim to the program.

  Are they another way to harvest email addresses for later use? and/or get you to send your Zim to them ? Hmmm . . .  

Giving Donations

Terrorists, Drug dealers, and scammers are out to get your info and money.

Do you really know them?
Does it go to a personal account or a legal business?
Where/what does the money go to support?
Do they show proof of where funds are used?


Seeds of Wisdom Team is structured and legal with a lawyer and CPA
Your Donations helping People NOW Link
Testimonials Link

Our Standards you might want to read before you break them and just wonder who might care enough to be watching


Standards & Rules 

Read them before you break them! 


Our Mission 


Seeds of Wisdom INFO

Seeds of Wisdom Info 

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