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Be Smart! Be Aware! Read the topics below.

Scammers are after YOUR information!

“Usernames & Avatars”



Ladies & Gentlemen,


I almost finished the title of this article with “for Dummies”, but it is not meant to insult anyone. Rather to get your attention that perhaps there is something you have not thought about. And I didn’t want trouble with the publishers of the “for Dummies” series of books.


Telegram IS social media. That means that there are members and lurkers from ALL OVER THE WORLD watching as you post in the SOWT rooms here.

They, as well as you, know that you are “soon-to-be-monied”, which makes you what ? Did you say TARGET ? Bingo !!!


The bad guys are collecting your pictures from your avatars, and your names.


I hope you are not currently using a “selfie” nor your real name.


Your username should not be your real name. The mods/admins use a “handle”. Many of you do as well, very good. Those of you who don’t should “invent” one for use on social media.


Go find a picture of something other than yourself for your avatar or use none (Telegram will use your initials). Go research steganography and you will see that using a selfie for your avatar is inherently dangerous. The time, date, and location (latitude & longitude) of the pic are probably included in the “metadata” of the pic. With the proper software, bad guys and some good guys have it, I can find exactly where you were and when in any picture you post… especially your avatar. Now I have your selfie (and the metadata) and your real name. 


How easy will you be to find, once we RV ???


We spend time and effort here among the rooms preaching about the security of your devices, about creating Trusts to help you hide and yet, the easiest ways to find you are still sitting right in front of you, AND ALL OF US, every time you post. 


SoWT’s “Info for Telegram” room contains instructions to help you. Find it on the website/rooms list, join and read… then do.


Your safety is our concern but your responsibility.


Be careful out there… 


Computers, Security/Scams

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