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Okie's Vision from God and Salty's Whispers movie on how to help others grow.

Made to inspire others  

Okie "Nuff Said"

We love and HONOR Okie with the highest respect.


This movie was inspired by a vison Okie received. He was involved and approved each part. After it was finished, he said it was like "Cecil B. DeMille". Nothing was done without Okie's approval

Our Grandfather of the currency and leading us at Seeds of Wisdom. His Wisdom will lead us into the future for many generations along with his humor.

Always kind and a true gentleman to call a friend.

Thank you to all that made this come to life. The testimonies of how it led people to feeling close to God.
A special thank you to Miss Priss, R Jax, Sam Oliver
Life lessons was taught, and I know I will never forget as long I live, and Okie as the Rest of Story was told at the end. Salty   


Tidbit - Okie also knew Paul Harvey

& The Seeds of Wisdom Team 

Salty Toes

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