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"Just humble to be here and do what I can."
Wiley Morgan
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"Your team breaking down Goldilocks facts is excellent."

Wiley Morgan

The 3 P’s of Money
Shared by Wiley Morgan


Protection of Principal - Rule #1
- NEVER spend the principal. NO matter What !
- Money never sleeps. Should always be working for you.

Plan & Patience - Rule #2
- Make a Plan. One that works for YOU. 
- Make a Budget. That does NOT exceed income from the Principal.
    • Build on a spreadsheet, annuals separate from monthly
    • As a building, use % of the total for each line item, as well as the amount. When income changes, all categories will recalculate for you.
- Assume maximum tax brackets on income… Fed, St, Local, in case NESARA is delayed. 
- Have the patience to work the plan and allow it to work for you.

Play - Rule #3
- Plan fun things you do or want to enjoy doing. No sense in following the first two Rules, if not going to reward yourself for doing so.
- Include items in the Budget for playtime. 
- Always use profits from investments for playtime… see below AND Rule #1.

NEVER, NEVER, break Rule #1 !!!!!
- You are trying to enjoy your newfound wealth, “pay the bills and taxes”, and help others – family, friends, and project beneficiaries. That cannot happen over more than a few years if you do not follow Rule #1.

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