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Wiley Morgan

Ask your questions as you read about Wiley's thoughts. 

Wiley Morgan on Pedigrees 2023-03-08

Watch Isaac for the movement and Goldilocks for the road map for everyone.  What else does anyone need? 
Wiley Morgan

"Dates are simply markers or timelines for processes. This is event based not necessarily date. 
Gold backed money is what we need to see. 
Daily we see many moving that direction within Goldilocks posts but US dragging out the realities and the death of the fiat/debt systems."

Wiley Morgan

"Just humble to be here and do what I can." — Wiley Morgan
Your team breaking down Goldilocks' facts is excellent." —Wiley Morgan

10 Questions for your planning link

Thank you Wiley Morgan Link 
An anthropologist played a game with some children of an African tribe.  He placed a basket full of fruit under a tree and told them: ‘The first child to reach the tree will get the whole basket’  When he gave them the start signal, he was surprised that they simply walked together, holding hands, until they reached the tree and shared the fruit!  When he asked them why they did that, they answered: “Ubuntu” “How can one of us be happy while the rest are miserable?"  Ubuntu means: ‘I am, because we are’.   Those young tribal kids understand the entire principle of life and the true source of happiness. The whole world needs to understand ‘Ubuntu’, that’s what this awakening is all about. 

The 4 things to always walk away from -

1. Walk away from conversations that involve hate or gossip

2. Walk away from unnecessary drama

3. Walk away from people who put you down

4. Walk away from the table when respect is no longer being served

The 3 P’s of Money
Shared by Wiley Morgan

Protection of Principal - Rule #1
- NEVER spend the principal. NO matter What !
- Money never sleeps. Should always be working for you.

Plan and Patience - Rule #2
- Make a Plan. One that works for YOU. 
- Make a Budget. That does NOT exceed income from the Principal.
    • Build on a spreadsheet, annuals separate from monthly
    • As a building, use % of the total for each line item, as well as the amount. When income changes, all categories will recalculate for you.
- Assume maximum tax brackets on income… Fed, St, Local, in case NESARA is delayed. 
- Have the patience to work the plan and allow it to work for you.

Play - Rule #3
- Plan fun things you do or want to enjoy doing. No sense in following the first two Rules, if not going to reward yourself for doing so.
- Include items in the Budget for playtime. 
- Always use profits from investments for playtime… see below AND Rule #1.

NEVER, NEVER, break Rule #1 !!!!!
- You are trying to enjoy your newfound wealth, “pay the bills and taxes”, and help others – family, friends, and project beneficiaries. That cannot happen over more than a few years if you do not follow Rule #1.

Wiley's Words of Wisdom he post

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