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Color YOUR New World

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           There are 10 reasons why gold is about to find its real value. 

* Gold and the dollar tend to move in different directions, and the dollar is starting to peak on market charts.
* The Federal Reserve is about to pivot on raising interest rates, and this will cause a spike in gold as the dollar will no longer be seen as a safe haven asset creating further decline. 
* Inflated prices on the markets are creating great uncertainty at this point.
* Traders and Central Bank buying of gold is creating a higher demand for it.
* Recession fears creates a need for a balanced monetary policy change toward gold. 
* Consumers have pulled another $126 billion dollars from the US Banks. 
* US Bank deposits and lending services continue to drop.
* The banking crisis is far from over.
* The dedollarization is beginning to gain traction.
* And much is being said by the Feds that they will step up and guarantee depositors. This will only further debase the dollar's value going forward. 
For these reasons and we are in the middle of all of them at some level, the transition into the new digital asset-based trading system is underway. 
This movement into real prices on gold (underlying support for digital tokens) will begin to affect prices on digital assets that supports the new economy/market. 

Gold is the path forward, and the bridge into the new world.
© Goldilocks 4/2/2023

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