Why a coconut for a logo? 


When I first saw this photo, I loved it and never thought of it as a logo. As I looked at photos this one kept coming up. Then it hit me. The Coconut survived against all odds. All the good fruits and even the husk. People can bear fruits and have generations of wealth with education. Seeds 

of Wisdom Team encourages others to grow. Be Encouraged against all odds you can survive. 

We are the Seeds of Wisdom Team here to grow with you.


~ Salty Toes ~       

Salty's Seed's of Wisdom Team


Planting Seeds of Wisdom & Knowledge

                                 for                                         Generational Growth   

       Seeds of Wisdom Vision   

Planting Seeds  of

Wisdom & Knowledge 

 for Generational Growth 

Proverbs 9:10  - “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, And the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.


Knowledge of what is true or right


         Understanding, facts truths, and  principles                                    

 Seeds of Wisdom & Knowledge

 changes lives

People are seeds and like the coconut, they can produce fruits for generations. 

The Coconut seed survives against the odds. Bears fruit.   

Seeds of Wisdom Team will encourage and educate you to achieve generational growth and wealth for you and your family

Salty's Seed's of Wisdom Team


Planting Seeds of  Wisdom & Knowledge

                                 for                                         Generational Growth   

Seeds of Wisdom Mission