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Seeds of Wisdom Team

Seeds of Wisdom Team

“To give a frame of reference for what I am posting in my room and my training around financial planning, I would like to provide this brief bio.” ~Texas Snake

I graduated from college in 1968 with a double major in investment banking and

finance and industrial psychology. My first job out of college was a pilot with TWA from my graduation until 1971 at the end of the Vietnam conflict.

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Snake Explains QFS

After my time as a pilot, I became a registered with the New York Stock

Exchange (NYSE) due to issues in maintaining my status as a pilot.

To take my exams, six months of training was needed at

the New York Institute of Finance. At that time, I took the

exams and became registered with the NYSE and SEC. At

that time, I also obtained the series 7 license and got

started in the Insurance business as well with the group 1 life insurance license.

The next 46 years were spent owning my own company and working with several

brokerage houses including E.F. Hutton. In 1978 I truly became my own broker dealer. The last several years have been spent focused on the series 26 securities license.

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Master Accounts & Sub Accounts

I was brought into the currency investment market in 2004.


The person that made me aware of this was my roommate in New York from the time I was preparing for my exams.

We are both retired now, and

 I look forward to you all enjoying and using what I must share with the community

Texas Snake

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