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Rodney and Rainbow's
Adventures in 


In each book, Rodney, a sweet, very emotional, and somewhat insecure Cairn terrier and Rainbow, a kind, very beautiful, confident and highly intelligent cat explore a different challenge that may arise between friends: jealousy, poor listening skills, tattle telling, prejudice and more. My hope is that kids will not only relate easily to the characters but take the lessons to heart. More About how I got started below.)


Best age range: 8-10 years old.


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Friendship is not always easy . . . .Book 1 introduces readers to Rodney and Rainbow, best friends practically from birth. When they are finally big enough to go outdoors, Rodney feels humiliated after failing numerous times to climb a tree. Worried that Rainbow might be embaraased by him, Rodney retreats indoors and refuses to go out to play. Will Rodney ever go outside again? Will Rodney realize he is no less amazing than Rainbow? Don’t wait to find out!I

It all started one beautiful perfect autumn day. Nothing could go wrong! But then it did . . . Rodney’s poor listening skills cause a lot of trouble for his friend Buddy, who is already worried about the worst possible thing happening to him. Will Buddy be okay? Will he ever forgive Rodney? Don’t wait! Find out what happens in this page-turning adventure!I

Good news and bad news for Rodney. The good news is that Rodney starts going to doggy day care; the bad news is that Rainbow becomes very lonely and finds a new friend. Take an adventure with Rodney and Rainbow as they explore what it means to be a good friend. In Book 3 of the Rodney and Rainbow series, Rainbow and Rodney learn that you can have more than one “best” friend. Does broken-hearted Rodney lose his best friend forever? Does Rodney overcome his jealousy? Don’t wait to find out!

Rodney and Rainbow were shocked when they witnessed a horrible event that occurred that very morning and are trying to figure out how and why it happened. Carl the Crow, possibly the world’s biggest tattletale, is stalked by a very angry cat (Dixie), who also happens to be Andy’s mother. Dixie, one of many recent victims of Carl the Crow’s tattling, teaches him a lesson that he won’t soon forget.

Rodney’s world is shattered when he learns Princess, the new dog at doggie day care, is not allowed to play with him because he is not a German shepherd like her. Even worse, Rodney finds out Princess’s mom, Queenie, believes all Cairn terriers are dumb, yippy, and worthless. A very sad Rodney lies awake at night questioning all of his accomplishments. Is he even worthy of his certificate from obedience school? Princess is not very happy, either and Rodney enlists Rainbow’s help to devise a plan to encourage Queenie to change her mind. Will Rainbow’s plan be successful? Will Rodney’s self-confidence be restored? Grab a copy and find out!

Just days before Christmas, Rodney and Rainbow deliver much needed supplies to their local animal shelter. Upon arrival, Rodney spots Oliver, who is a dog who looks exactly like him. A very excited Rodney introduces himself to Oliver and asks why he is there. Oliver’s response shocks Rodney! When Rodney tells Rainbow what Oliver shared with him, they are both determined to find Oliver a new and loving home in time for Christmas.What is the reason Oliver is at the shelter?Will Rodney and Rainbow be able to help Oliver find a wonderful new home?Look inside and read to find out!

The Story Behind the Stories

I have been very fortunate to have had many friendships throughout my life. Most have come and gone as we have changed and grown apart, yet I still maintain some friendships that have endured for decades. I noticed from time to time that although most of us began making friends at a very young age, decades later, many of us were still grappling with the same relationship issues that arose many years earlier. I realized that making and keeping close friends is truly a life skill that needs to be taught and refined throughout our lives. Wanting to connect with other humans is natural, but due to our own insecurities or family dynamics, we often struggle our entire lives with truly understanding what it means to have and be a good friend.

I was not thinking about all of this when I rediscovered my first book (written decades ago), and decided to illustrate and publish it, but when another author suggested I create a series based on friendship, the wheels in my brain would not stop turning. I loved the idea of using a dog and cat (historically—but not accurately—considered to be mortal enemies) and creating a beautiful friendship between them. Through their affection for each other, their differences would become sometimes supportive assets rather than limitations to their relationship. With that in mind, Rodney and Rainbow were born.

Rhonda Weisberg

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