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Color Your New World

Color and Enrich Your New World with Information, Facts, and Advice from our Experts

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Meet Rhonda, Your Goldilocks' Helping VIP

Who is Rhonda and what is she doing here? Salty discovered Rhonda when Rhonda inadvertently broke a bunch of SOWT rules when she loaded a bunch of T-shirt design files on the currency page. Fortunately, Salty and Rhonda sorted things out while watching squirrels, birds, and chipmunks on Cat TV. Salty even gave Rhonda her own merchandise room. (FYI—all the images are still available there for download free of charge!) Salty and Rhonda continued to chat from time to time. During one conversation, Rhonda, a 40-year veteran of graphic design and illustration, observed that the website needed updating and offered to help. Salty agreed and showed Rhonda a few websites designs that she liked. Rhonda got started right away, even creating all the new avatars. 

In another conversation, Salty learned that Rhonda is also a writer (“Rodney and Rainbow’s Adventures in Friendship” children’s books). So, when Rhonda confided to Salty that she knew virtually nothing about finances, Salty (along with Goldilocks’ help and encouragement) suggested that Rhonda write some brief articles explaining various financial terms in ways anyone could understand. Hence the name of Rhonda’s new column “If I Can Understand It, So Can You!” If you, too, need a better understanding of finances to best manage your newfound wealth, please check out her articles below.

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