(I Love You Okie)

Okie told Salty he felt he has lived this long to teach her lessons for her to carry on to others.

The 7 Steps to Jesus video plus the story of  'When a Seed Unfolds, it has FAITH only as small as a MUSTARD Seed', all began with a Vision.  God brought Okie into my life for a reason.  One big lesson learned is that it only takes FAITH the size of a mustard seed to move mountains. God had a message that He wanted to give me (Salty) through Okie.

This inspired me to change the website to other things. Okie and I named his model A John Deere tractor "WISDOM" due to the plowing seeded soil to grow WISDOM. So now we call his tractor "WISDOM", which is teaching myself and others lessons every day. Okie's wisdom and humor combined with his history drew us to be very close.
Okie has taught me so many things. He has shared so much which has allowed the Seeds of Wisdom Team to continue to
plant seeds into good soil and connect people worldwide to help change us all for the better.

I asked the Team to help put the story together and as always they jumped right in. 
Thank you, Team and Members, everyone.

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