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Ed of Ocala  "Free Total Preparation for Exchange/Redemption"

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Texas Snake Please understand my responses regarding Trusts and your ability to exchange is not mentioned so you can avoid establishing a Trust beforehand, there are two members of SOW that provide Trusts with methods of paying over a schedule of time vs lump sum so please explore your options as what they will do will be directly addressed to your needs and not a one trust fits all concept

Ed of Ocala Just for everyone's information:  The reason that a Trust is needed, not mandatory, for your appointment is two-fold.  First, for your privacy, security, and anonymity going forward; second, the procedures that have been set for the exchange/redemption includes one that says that if a redeemer/exchanger is going to be receiving for their currencies or bonds over $1 million they will need to have a Trust or other approved entity to receive those funds into, and not personally.  The same applies if you are proposing projects.  This is a Private exchange/redemption, and they set the procedures and guidelines as well as any Caps, limitations, and restrictions.  Custodial account services will be used for those who are not prepared (not in your name) until they get set up.  That service is a fee-based service.

Bob Lock

Bernie Berherse