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Tools, Info & More

Our Team is full of helpful info. From Currency Tally Sheets to how to write up a Family Governance Project plan! 

Learn How Charitable Religious Trust Accounts and Infinite Banking can ensure you never outlive you money! 

Documents & Info

wealth management

Now that you have your money, What do you do with it? 

Learn from our VIP's on how to outlive your Dollars! 

financial planning

How do I budget? What is the best place to store my money? Should I invest it? 

Learn from our VIP's on different ways to plan your furture! 


How to set up a Revocable Trust. Step by Step Instructions and more..

Want to learn from one of our VIP's? Click Here

Security & Privacy

Learn How To keep your Money Safe- both Online and Off. Our VIP's help answer questions such as "What Kind of Computer Should I Buy?", "What is the best Anti-Virus program to use?" and much more

Saturday Night Calls 

with    Blondie

Liven up your Saturday Nights with Blondie. 

Let's Talk RV, Trusts, Never outliving your Money, What to do to protect your wealth and more.

Guest Speakers include Texas Snake & Ed of Ocola! 

Don't miss any of our Saturday Night Calls. You never know who may show up! Bernie,           Bob Lock and Rolls Royce love to pop in and keep us on our (Salty) Toes!! -

& More

Entrepreneur Training


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Seeds of Wisdom Team

Is a diverse business with a Vision to help educate people worldwide and planting

Seeds of​ Wisdom & knowledge for generational growth

We are blessed to have so many helping already and looking forward to connecting to others. 

We are just getting started.  
Come grow with us.

Salty Toes, Owner