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PLEASE do not use the command "/". The bots are in every room to help. 
Doing so will remove you from all the Seeds of Wisdom Team rooms. 
Thank you, The Management

We announced a Community Member, Rose Receptionist.  She is a very IMPORTANT member in our community.  When joining our group, Rose will ask questions to prove to us that you are a HUMAN, just like many other sites that have a CAPTCHA function. Rose helps to prevent Spamming & Porn posts by stopping them at our door.  She prevents AI from entering by asking questions that HAVE to be answered.  If the questions are not answered, the person trying to join a room will fall into a BANNED or RESTRICTED list. That person will not be allowed to participate in conversation / chats.  After Rose’s questions, be sure to CLICK JOIN at the bottom of the room.  Please make sure you do NOT BLOCK ROSE. She is here to serve our community to protect all. If you have questions, please notify a Team Leader.  Thank you for helping us to keep our Seeds of Wisdom Team© community safe. Please read and follow our Standards Link. Customer Service Link Thank you, The SOWT Tech Team

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