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Bernie Besherse

"I don't do anything based on rumor.  I need laws, regulations, court cases, and publications in order to have confidence that the people using the entities will not get in trouble because of their entity."
—Bernie Besherse

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Wiley Morgan on Pedigrees 2023-03-08

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Bernie Always Welcomes Everyone in Telegram.

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Bernie, [2/27/2023 12:55 PM]
The goal and purpose of our Charitable Religious Trusts and our Corporation Sole documents are to help you stabilize your income and reduce non-productive outgo, so you can leave a better life for your children's children's children.

Bernie, [2/27/2023 12:57 PM]
We accomplish this through providing the proper tools and training to let it happen.
We provide the tools and training, but unless you exercise mature judgment, you can still fail.
It is called "free will" or "free moral agency."

Bernie, [2/27/2023 1:00 PM]
We will be holding a series of 4 and 1/2 day webinars, beginning about 2 months after there is a major release of money, and anyone who is a beneficiary of one of the Corporations Sole that we have assisted in filing is automatically qualified to participate in these webinars.
The reason for the limitation is that many of the things that we will be sharing simply will not work with common-law Trusts.

"Each asset, each liability should have its own CRT to ISOLATE them from potential legal action awards against a specific trust. If it contains multiple assets, houses, cars, dogs, all lumped into one trust and someone sues the trust (dog bite), the rest of the assets in the SAME trust are “attachable” to satisfy the judgement. ISOLATION is the goal." FS

Why Should I Have a Trust?


We need Trusts for insulating assets and isolating liabilities against lawsuits. Items held by a Trust can only be reached by a lawsuit against that Trust. Teddy Kennedy's car was in a Trust, and any damages caused by that car could only be satisfied by the holdings of the Trust that owned the automobile. Teddy Kennedy's house was in a Trust.  The house could not be used for satisfying any claim against the car. When people know that you have access to more money than many others in their neighborhood, YOU become the target of lawsuits.
When you insulate your assets (money, gold, silver) and isolate your liabilities (car, house, boat) then after a few lawsuits, the predators learn to leave you alone.

Where do you go to get information on the tax exemption status of our Trusts and other entities?  


Right from the IRS! They tell you that our church or religious society-controlled Trusts do not even have to file tax returns. The nice part is that, because your family is, historically, a religious society, religious society is equally qualified for these exemptions as a mainline denomination church.  This is solidly based on the First Amendment FREE EXERCISE clause and is implemented in the IRS Code in section 6033(a)(3)(A).  Bernie Bersherse

"I have been hearing from people for the past 13 years that the exchange is supposed to be a tax-exempt deal. This is told to me (usually) by people who believe that the "USA The Republic" is going to be restored. They tell me that there is a "secret treaty" that makes this exchange tax exempt. I cited the law passed by congress (opposite of Progress) that places a "normal tax rate" (not "Capital Gains") on this exchange.

IF USA the Republic is restored, then, because in a Republic, there would be no validity to a "secret treaty," I can only presume that the law made under the constitutional process (26 USC 988) would be the law that governs the exchanges.

I have been actively requesting evidence by ANYONE that the exchange will be tax-free, and as of this date, June 17, 2022, there has been no evidence presented. This means that the contest is between an UNDERSTANDING that is based upon evidence, and a BELIEF that is based upon faith in someone's unsupported allegation.

My question for all of the "true believers" in the tax-exempt status of the currency exchange is: Would you rather tell your grandchildren that because you believed a rumor, you lost 37% of what you could have shared with them because you did not get a Charitable Religious Trust? Or would you rather happily tell them that by spending the money on a Charitable Religious Trust, even though the exchange DID turn out to be tax exempt, you were able to exchange immediately and maintain control of the money, enjoying all of the benefits that go along with operating through a tax immune organization?"Bernie Bersherse

Texas Snake’s reply to Bernie.

"Have heard both sides of the story Bernie just shared and my experiences in dealing with that three-letter agency is why we elected to have Bernie draft our CRT as our exchange vehicle as well as already having created Living Trusts for both the Bride and I before we became aware of the CRT.  Please excuse the insertion here Bernie but having spent my career dealing with high income earners and the service folks need to hear as many sides as possible." — Texas Snake

The "woke" crowd wants an American MONOLOG, with all of the words used being decided by THEM. Freedom of speech means that we can all express our beliefs, freely, and because WE do not get angry, we expect the other party to not get angry, also.
There have been a few people who want to verbally dominate or cancel, but most of the S.O.W. group wants to learn, which means to actually LISTEN to someone who disagrees with you.

Getting to Know Bernie Bersherse


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Words of Wisdom from Bernie

An "Express Trust" is one that is in writing, as opposed to an implied Trust, and "under spiritual law" means that it is "non-statutory."


Non-statutory means that it is not created under a civil law statute. It is created under Private Law. Common-Law Trusts are created under Private Law, also.

They are private between consenting parties.

Like Common Law Trusts, the domicile of the Trust is the same as the domicile of the Trustee, but UNLIKE Common-Law Trusts, the IRS does not require that these Charitable Religious Trusts file an annual Tax Return!!!  [SEE:  26 USC 6033(a)(3)(A)]

“When there is any potential liability involved, as with a car, house, or anything else that should be insured against liability, that liability should be ISOLATED in its own Trust. If you then liquidate that liability, the cost of the Trust is not wasted, because you may then re-use the Trust for holding another liability, or foe INSULATING an asset (like gold, silver, cash, etc.).” 

'Yaw Obruni,

I wish to put in a good word for the outstanding work that both Bernie and Michael are doing in their asset protection operation.  They have proven their trustworthiness to me, and I am pleased so far with what I have experienced from them and with my purchase from them."


"I have learned so much here.  Every day, there's something new. Thank you all."

— Princess Crypto

Bernie Bersherse's Documents

IRS Rulings

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Corp Sole

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CRT EIN Numbers

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26 USC 988 Short Version

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ARA Petition & Instructions

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IRS Tax Scam

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CRT Rules

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Property Spreadsheet

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Setting up a Self Directed IRA

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Requesting a Trust

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