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“One of SOWT’s goals is to keep you grounded and growing in good soil.”

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The Seeds of Wisdom Community

Many of you discovered the Seeds of Wisdom website as a part of your RV research. With the guidance of highly trained and vetted professionals, you learned about trusts, planning, currency, protection, computers, and even got real and breaking news. As wonderful as that is, Seeds of Wisdom offers so much more! It is a true community dedicated to bringing together like-minded people to learn, play, laugh, enjoy music, get health information, inspire, and even pray.


A true humanitarian, Salty Toes had a vision for Seeds of Wisdom to be a vehicle to help and inspire others. When she created this community, she had no idea how much it would be needed in this time of unrest and uncertainty. With many of its members alienated from their families, dealing with financial hardships and health issues, SOW is indeed the right place to be at the right time in our history. SOW brings a its members a multitude of avenues to help survive this period of chaos and confusion, and ultimately celebrate a beautiful new world together.


Salty Toes hopes that you will join this community of thousands to continue to learn and even bring your wisdom to inspire others, and even make lifelong friends.

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Salty does not do things alone.

She is a firm believer that the Seeds of Wisdom© is a community based on Education and Self-Growth.

That Belief pours into this Website. 

It is not the work of just one person but a Team from the Community.

Each Team Member works independently as well as jointly to bring you a Community Website. 

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